'The Knick' Trailer: Clive Owen, M.D. Has the Cure for Our Lack of TV To Watch

June 17, 2014


All our HBO favorites have died off, but fear not for yourself, because Doctor Clive Owen is here to save us with the primitive nostrum of a Cinemax series. It could end up being a surprisingly effective treatment, though: directed by Steven Soderbergh, The Knick sees Owen break free of his rubric to play a turn-of-the-century surgeon pushing the boundaries of medicine at a time when people were still dying from pretty much everything. Thanks to Soderbergh's stylish directing, it all looks stylish and slick, and thanks to Owen's acting, he always looks like he's really pissed off about becoming doctor. Should have just taken his parents' advice and become some kind of gruff modern assassin type, like usual.

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