Watch Iron Man, Esq. Defend His Estranged Duvall from a Murder Charge in 'The Judge' Trailer

June 20, 2014


Tweeting this trailer, star Robert Downey Jr. called The Judge "the kind of movie I grew up wanting to make." As it turns out, all Iron Man's been wanting to do through all his cool superhero battles is make one of those films where a city transplant revisits their hometown, reopens and finally heals old family wounds, reconnects with an old flame, and generally looks pensive. Through their journey, we learn that there really needs to be a simpler name for this weirdly persistent genre. But anyway, RDJ finally got his chance to make one of his own, so good for him. It's directed by Shanghai Knights, Wedding Crashers, and The Change-Up director David Dobkin, and here's how it turned out. (Hint: Inspiring!)

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