'Wedding Ringer' Trailer Investigates Profession of Kevin Hart Being Your Best Man

June 20, 2014


Like Hitch and that episode of Seinfeld where George tries to get Jerry's exterminator to hang out, The Wedding Ringer takes place in a world where fat white losers attain black friends through an unlikely hiring process. It also takes place in the world of I Love You, Man, in which the inability to secure a best man can be stretched thin enough to cover an entire film.

Josh Gad stars as a fiancé with just such a problem: an impending wedding and absolutely no friends or relatives who will be his best man. He's probably a sociopath or something. The plot doesn't deal with that, though. Such is our mental health system. Instead, it just involves Gad hiring professional best man Kevin Hart to be his so-called "wedding ringer," stand by his side at the wedding and recruit seven more guys to fill out the groomsmen flank. Somehow, this plan eventually results in an old woman being horrifically set on fire. I told you Gad was a sociopath.

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