Leaked 'Deadpool' Test Footage is Real and Glorious

July 30, 2014


This is the official leaked Deadpool movie test footage. And while it sucks that somebody at Marvel is probably getting fired for this, their loss is your gain, because the clip looks amazing. It's beautifully rendered, filled with just the right amount of violence and, most importantly, it captures the essence and humor of Deadpool. And in case there's any doubt to its legitimacy, I'm pretty sure that's Ryan Reynolds' voice breaking the fourth wall. The only real question here is how is this not a movie yet? Considering the popularity of the character and how great the test footage looks, you'd think somebody would've already started throwing suitcases of cash at the project. You'd also probably think that I'm ruggedly handsome and always walk around with a hot babe on my arm but you'd be wrong. It's two babes.

The full Deadpool test footage after the jump.

UPDATE: Now with more working video.

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