Robert Redford Will Remind Us About Rathergate by Pretending To Be Dan Rather

July 10, 2014


Always eager to play a newsman embroiled in some kind of "gate"-suffixed scandal, Robert Redford is attached to play Dan Rather in a film about "Rathergate." Deadline reports the news, saying Redford will star alongside Cate Blanchett, who's set to play Rather's producer Mary Mapes, in Truth.

White House Down and Independence Day sequel writer James Vanderbilt is set to make the film his directorial debut and first presidential piece that isn't full of exploding shit. For those that don't recall, Rathergate dealt with Rather's CBS Evening News accusation that George W. Bush dodged the Vietnam draft thanks to his dad getting him in the National Guard. The show had documents to prove as much, but those ended up being likely forgeries, and consequently, Mapes was fired and Rather quit the program months later. Also, George W. Bush became the President of the United States again. Not My President's Men, know what I mean, Rob?

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