Robin Wright Plays Herself, Gets Scanned to Become a CGI Actress Forever, in New 'The Congress' Trailer

July 15, 2014


Unless you recognize that Forrest Gump is about a naïve child-god quietly manipulating time and space to fit his misunderstood desires, The Congress is almost certainly the oddest film Robin Wright has been involved in. Loosely based on Solaris author Stanisław Lem's The Futurological Congress, the movie is directed by Waltz with Bashir's Ari Folman, who combined live-action and animation into something that blends Hollywood satire, sci-fi fantasy cartoon, and 2002's S1m0ne.

Wright stars as a fictionalized version of herself, one who isn't getting enough House of Cards checks to pay her child's medical bills. So, she agrees to a deal with the thinly-veiled parody "Miramount Studios" to have herself become their trademarked property. Her likeness and every emotion are scanned and catalogued, allowing the studio to reproduce her forever in youthful perpetuity. But what they apparently did not tell her was that it would also somehow lead to all this animated psychedelia:

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