Roman Polanski Would Like To Shoot in Poland and Also Not Get Sent to Prison

July 1, 2014


Not since 1962's Knife in the Water has Roman Polanski shot a film in his childhood home of Poland. And not since ever has Roman Polanski wanted to go to jail on a rape charge. But the 80-year-old director would reportedly like to change one of those things, as he is now hoping to shoot his next film in Poland--just so long as everyone agrees not to throw him in a plane and send him to prison.

Polanski has apparently already been prepping the film over there, renting an apartment in Krakow and opening a Polish bank account, but before he'll bring the $40 million production to the economy, he reportedly wants official assurance that U.S. extradition requests will be denied. He just wants to make a a biopic about 19th-century French military officer Alfred Dreyfus! He does not want to serve a sentence for drugging and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl! Is that so much to ask, Poland?

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