Tyler Perry Now Legally Determines What Jesus Would Do

July 3, 2014


Always eager for another property he can slap a "Tyler Perry's" on, Tyler Perry has acquired the rights to "What Would Jesus Do?"

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Perry just won the title in a court battle that, for once, did not see him defending himself as an old woman. The other party here was someone known as "Poprah" from the VH1 reality series I Want to Work for Diddy.

Poprah, real name Kimberly Kearney, registered "What Would Jesus Do?" as a television series months before Perry attempted the same in May of 2008. But Perry's lawyers successfully argued that Kearney has yet to use the name, wasting a title that could really bring back those rubber bracelets. By getting her to admit that "she hadn't produced a television show in connection with What Would Jesus Do, that she hadn't sold one, that she didn't intend to do so nor had taken any meetings for such a show," Perry and his lawyers have now won the name for their own uses--which are listed as possibly including "live concerts, a TV program and motion pictures." More importantly, this also spells out that, legally, what Jesus would apparently do is cross-dress in a fat suit for a bafflingly popular film franchise.

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