Watch Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead Deliver the Best Performance of 'Her'

July 18, 2014


Joaquin Phoenix's work in Her went completely overlooked at the Academy Awards earlier this year, but as now evidenced in the below video, maybe that's because we were paying attention to the wrong part of his performance.

Just as the actor's Theodore Twombly found a surprisingly-human connection within a computer, so too have a group of laughing Her-watchers found a nearly-human link in the rich, emotive little face hiding in Phoenix's concerned forehead. To gaze into those upside-down eyes and knowing smile is to see both ourselves and beyond ourselves, a sage wisdom humanity could never comprehend with our limited brains and eyebrows above our eyes. Though, as astutely noticed by the man recording the event, "hahaha, the fuckin' blinkin'!" Because one thing humanity can certainly grasp is how funny it is when this freak-face starts blinking.

(via, thanks to Katie)

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