Jason Reitman's 'Men, Women & Children' Trailer and Electronics Expo

August 19, 2014


Men. Women. Children. Ya ever noticed how they're all usin' the internet and their phones all the time? From this extremely auspicious stand-up setup has emerged writer-director Jason Reitman's latest film, Men, Women & Children. Co-written with Secretary's Erin Cressida Wilson, the film looks at a group of variously aged white people whose very private lives unfold on-screen thanks to a bunch of graphical overlays showing what they're doing online. It's unclear just how much of the film is watching people click around on things--is this going to be like when your friend swears this video is super funny, he just has to find it...?--but in this first trailer, it leans on its conceit pretty hard. The over two minute trailer has zero dialogue, instead revealing its deceits and conflicts entirely with dramatic images and not-so-dramatic images of Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and others pensively using consumer electronics. Has Reitman made the local news technology scare story of melodramas?

Drama-mode Sandler already made us afraid of phone sex services. Now he's going to ruin online escort services too?

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