John Cusack Continues Descent into Straight-to-Video Oblivion with 'Reclaim' Trailer

August 7, 2014


It's becoming increasingly clear that John Cusack must have gotten some pretty serious career advice from Nic Cage on the set of Frozen Ground. Cusack's filmography has, of late, grown quite heavy with straight-to-video thrillers and a familiar wardrobe he's clearly just wearing from home, and it looks like Reclaim is just one more darkly-colored shirt-jacket to layer atop so many others.

In the film, Cusack plays a violent, conniving criminal running an phony adoption scheme. The idea of extorting money from desperate couples and not delivering on the adoption isn't new, but Cusack's character takes it a unique, unnecessarily-absurd step further by actually giving them the child--then kidnapping her back. When Ryan Phillippe and wife Rachelle Lefevre fall prey to this overly-elaborate scam, and officer Luis Guzmán won't help, they decide to take matters into their own hands to RECLAIM cinema's latest abducted daughter MacGuffin. Here's the trailer:

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