John Cusack Does the Unhinged, Obsessed Cop Thing with 'The Factory' Trailer

August 21, 2014


Let the bottom-feeding frenzy begin, as today brings us trailers for cheapo, over-the-top performances by both Nicolas Cage as well as the increasingly straight-to-video-bound John Cusack. Here's a look at the latter's new film, The Factory, a title that seems to refer to the basement facility where a serial kidnapper has his victims churning out babies for some unfortunate reason. But what this sinister factory foreman didn't count on was that, by abducting the seemingly-forgettable Ann Hog, he was actually bringing down the wrath of her father, John Cusack--a tortured, obsessive, really good cop of the type one often sees in this type of movie. So come to think of it, maybe "The Factory" is just talking about wherever it is that these things are getting churned out. Regardless, here's the trailer:

As has been pointed out in the comments, this is just the trailer for the UK release The Factory is now getting, and it turns out you can already Netflick this in the US. Hooray!


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