Ken Jeong To Murder David Hasselhoff, for the Laughs

August 21, 2014


Turning what would have been a perfectly fine reality show pilot into what will probably be a pretty bad film, WWE Studios has signed Ken Jeong to star in a movie where he'll try to kill David Hasselhoff. According to Variety, the comedy is currently developing under the title "Untitled Celebrity Death Pool" with Diary of a Mad Black Woman director Darren Grant. Jeong will play a nightclub owner drowning in shady debts and hoping to pay them off by winning a pool betting on which celebrity will die next. The horse he's picked to die next: David Hasselhoff! So, to make sure he wins, he attempts to murder the Baywatch star, ignoring the consequences of what will certainly be another war with Germany. Hulk Hogan is said to be among several celebrities who will also cameo as public personas we're comfortable chuckling about someone putting a bullet in.

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