Marvel Moving Forward on Inhumans Movie, Which Might Star Vin Diesel

August 12, 2014


Since Guardians of the Galaxy worked out alright, Marvel has apparently decided to double-down on cosmic superhero teams that non-nerds have never heard of. Collider reports that the studio is pushing forward on a film based on the Inhumans, yet another of Marvel's groups of people who do cool super-powered stuff in space. It's said there's already a script from Joe Robert Cole--an in-house writer who, like Guardians of the Galaxy's Nicole Perlman, was part of the studio's writing program--but beyond that, nothing is known about the film except that it will take one of the "untitled" release dates Marvel has scheduled out to 2019. Oh, and also that Vin Diesel might star in it.

Over the weekend, Diesel posted a photo of Groot from Guardians with the suggestively-capitalized message, "I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha." The actor is already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the aforementioned CGI tree, but, notably, there's a major role in Inhumans that could circumvent that issue: that of Blackbolt, the group's leader, whose destructively-powerful voice has forced him to never speak. Eschewing the wasteful ways of The Iron Giant, Marvel may have found a way to follow in the path of the Native American and Fast & Furious tradition of using the whole Diesel.

More importantly, though, who are they going to get for the voice of Lockjaw?


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