'Minority Report' Series To Stop Crimes Before They Can Happen on Television

August 21, 2014


With 2002's Minority Report, Steven Spielberg cautioned of the dangers in taking a futuristic, predictive approach to stopping crime. Still, though, he never said it wouldn't make for a cool procedural conceit, so now he's going to make a show about that. According to The Wrap, Spielberg (War Horse) has attached Godzilla writer Max Borenstein to begin developing a series based on the Tom Cruise sci-fi hit. It's said that the show would focus on the PreCrime unit, the squad tasked with stopping perps before they can commit their crimes. As you may recall, smooth elements like partially-submerged bald people and polished wooden balls help them with this task.

It's expected that Spielberg will seek a big-name actor for to lead, and that Minority Report: SVU will ultimately end up being the more entertaining and enduring PreCrime series.

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