Ricky Gervais Making David Brent Mockumentary

August 5, 2014


Having long ago missed the appropriate off-ramp on the Freelove Freeway, Ricky Gervais is once again bringing back The Office's David Brent--this time in a feature film. It's been officially announced that Gervais will reprise his comically-tragic manager--already brought back with diminishing returns last year for Comic Relief and a series of instructional guitar videos--for On the Road, a mockumentary being produced by BBC Films.

Like the Brent Comic Relief special, the film will focus on the character's sad, increasingly-delusional attempts at a music career. Other The Office characters aren't expected to appear, as Gervais has seemingly shot down that idea in a Facebook/Twitter post that reads: "Just to be clear, I am not making an "Office" movie. I'm doing a documentary film about David Brent trying to be rock star. Just Sayin :)" Production will begin next year, only a decade after it probably should have.

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