Robin Williams Dies at 63

August 12, 2014


Comedian, Academy Award-winning actor, Old Dog, husband and father Robin Williams was found dead Monday in his northern California home. An autopsy is expected later today, but authorities already highly suspect Williams took his own life by asphyxiation.

It's said the actor's recurring battles with depression and drug addiction had been evident as of late. Earlier this summer, Williams checked himself into a rehab facility, and prior to that this year he agreed to do Mrs. Doubtfire 2.

Rising from the inauspicious depths of playing a quirky alien on a spin-off sitcom, Williams soon showed an ability to drop his manic comic frenzy to play a variety of roles--several of which would earn him overwhelming acclaim. His diverse parts in Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and The Fisher King each earned him Best Actor Oscar nods, and he would later win the award in 1997 for Good Will Hunting.

While Williams would frequently return to his comedy roots for the benefit of the broad family films he became known for, his résumé never grew dull, jumping around as wildly as the man himself did in every talk show appearance. For every RV there was a One Hour Photo. For each Jumanji an Insomnia. He did a Woody Allen film the same year as a Flubber remake. And whatever you may say about it, Bicentennial Man was indeed an interesting choice to make.

Whether you remember him for Hook, Aladdin, The Birdcage, for some reason Toys, or any of his dozens of other parts, Williams dies having undeniably affected several generations. Comedic, dramatic, joyous, depressive, and everything in between, Williams was what he was.

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