See Adrien Brody Trapped in History Channel Miniseries in 'Houdini' Trailer

August 11, 2014


It was a ruptured appendix that helped to claim the life of Harry Houdini in the first place. Now nearly a century later, the History Channel--cable's vestigial appendix from a long-ago time when educational programming seemed viable--will kill the great escape artist again in a miniseries to air this September. The two-part Houdini--which should not be confused with ABC's modern-day Houdini procedural--sees Adrien Brody in the title role, with House of Cards' Kristen Connolly playing his wife, Bess. The series' first trailer can be watched below, but as with most things History Channel, be warned that the word "history" is used pretty loosely. Houdini may not have actually used his handcuffs for light bondage.

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