Star-Lord Visited a Children's Hospital and of Course It Was Endearing

August 22, 2014


The infinitely-likable Chris Pratt has somehow found yet another way to make himself charming: using his newfound fame to cheer up sick kids. Much as he previously did by suddenly getting super ripped, Pratt made everyone else on Earth look bad this week by taking all his charisma to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. As E! reports, there Pratt, in collaboration with Marvel and Children's Miracle Network, held a special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, let the young patients take photos in his Star-Lord gear, and, as seen here, was ambassador to The Lego Movie for sick "Lego Kid" Dylan Prunty. He did fail to rattle off any snappy Sorkin dialogue for the child Moneyball fans, but I'm not going to fault him for that one, because there's always next time.

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