'The Interview' To Be Altered, Possibly Removing Military Hardware and Kim Jong-un's Flesh Dripping Off Skull

August 13, 2014


Though The Interview has already been dubbed an "act of terrorism and war" by North Korea, Sony may yet try to redeem the Seth Rogen-James Franco film for Kim Jong-un by cutting the part where they horrifically burn his face off. This according to The Hollywood Reporter, where it's said sources claim that edits are being made to Kim Jong-un assassination comedy to remove elements that "would be considered blasphemous to the nuclear-armed nation."

Firstly, the studio is supposedly digitally removing thousands of pins worn by the North Korean military to honor their current and prior glorious leaders (like seen here, presumably). Secondly, they might cut the part where (spoiler?) "the face of Kim Jong Un (played by Randall Park) is melted off graphically in slow motion." The issue with the military decorations is said to have to do with "clearance issues," while the decision whether or not to scorch off a guy's face on-screen apparently boils down less to offensiveness than "just trying to gauge whether it's funny." Are the non-stop laughs of Raiders of the Lost Ark not timeless?

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