Tyler Perry Hadn't Heard of David Fincher Nor 'Gone Girl'

August 26, 2014


Showing that there are some pop culture holes to be found in Madea's brash, street-smart wisdom, Tyler Perry has revealed that, prior to his appearing in Gone Girl, he did not know who Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher was, nor did he know that Gone Girl was a highly-praised bestselling novel.

"I probably would have walked away from it. If I had known who David Fincher was, and his body of work, or if I'd known the book was so popular, I would have said, No," Perry told Yahoo, filled with regret that he'd worked for a man with such consistently dark themes of not cross-dressing. "And my agent knew that! He didn't tell me until after I signed on," he added, further revealing what a frustrating job it must be to be Tyler Perry's agent.

Still, Perry can't be held entirely to blame for not knowing the films of David Fincher. How is Tyler Perry supposed to know what films someone directed if they don't even put their name right there in the title every time?

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