William H. Macy Made You Another Movie Where Billy Crudup Plays Music

August 14, 2014


Over a decade since Almost Famous, Billy Crudup is back on stage with a maritime-named band thanks to William H. Macy. For his directorial debut, Rudderless, Macy tells the story of a father who loses his son in a school shooting but, in turn, discovers the boy's talent for music in some demo recordings. Crudup finds a way to cope with the loss by performing his son's songs live, and in the process, he ends up developing a following and even a full band with co-frontman Anton Yelchin. It looks like a heartfelt story, and a worthwhile reminder that, in case I die, I need to tell my dad to finish my Mario Kart 8 save game. Don't make me go into eternity thinking my progress in unlocking all the parachute options will be wasted.

Here's the trailer:

(Also on Apple, should that get pulled.)

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