'Boy' Next Door Loves Jennifer Lopez's Cookies, TOO MUCH SO, in 'The Boy Next Door' Trailer

September 8, 2014


In 2002's Enough, Jennifer Lopez starred as an abused wife who, through self-defense training, manages to finally rid herself of her sadistic husband. Now, a dozen years later, Lopez is back with The Boy Next Door, the film that shows that while she may have had "enough" of domestic violence, she can apparently never have enough of Lifetime Original Movie premises.

The former American Idol judge stars now as a teacher and neglected wife whose husband is cheating on her. One day, while doing some routine garage door maintenance/bonding exercises with her son, she meets the new BOY NEXT DOOR (hey, that's the title!). Suspiciously, this "boy" looks like he's about a decade older than Lopez's high school-age kid, but that ends up not being what's most alarming about this character. That comes later, after Jennifer Lopez fucks him.

That happens, and soon after she dubs it a mistake, because she does not want to go to jail. Late '20s teenager does not accept this, though. He starts getting real obsessive, leaving scandalous photos around, transferring to her class, and dropping hints around her family, like saying the weekend "got pretty wet," and telling the son, "I love your mother's cookies." He is dangerously bad at innuendo! He is also dangerous because he is crazy, and he has a gun. Time to have Enough again, J.Lo!

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