Channing Tatum May Be a Math Genius

September 18, 2014


Naturally linking Channing Tatum with rare mathematics talent, Sony has reportedly optioned Struck by Genius, the memoir of math wonder Jason Padgett, as a potential starring vehicle for Magic Mike. Goofs aside, the casting is actually pretty on the nose once you get Padgett's whole story. In 2002, he was a mulleted loser working at his dad's furniture store and eager to show off his ripped bod and sweet Camaro. It was then, at 31, that he was jumped outside a karaoke bar and given a good clunk to the head. The next day, he found that the injury had turned him into a reclusive math genius, able to visualize complex geometrical patterns he never saw before. Consequently, we will now have to start being more specific when we talk about "the Channing Tatum movie with the personality-altering brain injury."

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