'CHiPS' Movie To Be a Dax Shepard Production Through and Through

September 3, 2014


Returning to the Punk'd genre that spawned him, Dax Shepard will now play the prank where he makes a movie based on CHiPS. Deadline reports that Shepard will write, direct, star in, and, thanks to his training in professional driving, even do the stunts in a film remake of the 1977-83 series about California's highway patrol. Shepard will play the role originated by Larry Wilcox, while Michael Peña has earned the dubious honor of being crowned the new Erik Estrada. The tone is being described as similar to Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon, though this will differ from those films in that no one in the future is ever going to describe a film as having the tone of Dax Shepard's CHiPS remake.

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