Darrell Hammond Replacing Don Pardo on 'SNL'

September 18, 2014


Darrell Hammond is headed back to Saturday Night Live for reasons sadder than Lorne just wanting him back for a Bill Clinton bit. According to The New York Times, Hammond will be the new announcer for the sketch comedy series, taking over the job from iconic legend Don Pardo, who died just a month ago.

The choice isn't exactly surprising, as Hammond had already quietly took over for Pardo a handful of times over the years. For those instances, the noted impressionist would do his best Pardo imitation, which was so spot-on it succeeded in fooling even the announcer's family: in an interview last year, Pardo claimed his sister complimented his acting in an opening bit that, in fact, was secretly Hammond. (You can judge for yourself in the video below.) Despite Hammond's copycat ability, it's not yet clear how much his readings will continue to ape Pardo if at all. Lorne Michaels told the Times, "I think it will be good to have Darrell doing his own separate thing." And maybe doing Connery should they need to fall back on Jeopardy.

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