Emma Thompson Gets Back to Period Melodrama with 'Effie Gray' Trailer

September 15, 2014


Written by and co-starring Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, Effie Gray stars Dakota Fanning in the real-life title role of possibly the first neglected, overly-attractive sitcom wife. Gray was married to Victorian art critic John Ruskin when she was just 19, but as can sometimes be the case when you marry off teenagers to middle-aged guys, things didn't work out so great. She was largely ignored by her husband, and five years into their marriage, he still refused to consummate their marriage. When she met Ruskin's protégé John Everett Millais--who was totally up for doing it--the result was a lazily lopsided love triangle that ended in the annulment of Gray's marriage. This also apparently meant that she couldn't go to functions in which Queen Victoria would be in attendance. My dad lost that privilege in his divorce too. But anyway, here's the trailer:

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