Here's the Deal with That 'Minority Report' TV Series

September 9, 2014


As was written upon the little polished wooden ball that was this post from last month, Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List) and the Godzilla writer are planning a Minority Report television series, and now we have some more details about how that prediction is coming true.

The Hollywood Reporter says the show has landed at Fox with a put-pilot commitment that will result in "a significant penalty" if it doesn't make it to air. The series apparently takes place a decade after Minority Report's plot has ended D.C.'s Precrime division. One of the Precogs from the program, still haunted by criminal visions, is now struggling to adapt to life outside of a gross communal bathtub. A detective, herself haunted by her past, meets up with this guy, and together they start reconciling their respective hauntings in presumably very thrilling ways. Such are the events Tom Cruise set in motion when he ran around in that movie.

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