Johnny Knoxville Replaces Seann William Scott in Hottest Buddy Action-Comedy of 2003

September 4, 2014


Because sometimes any Duke of Hazard will do, Johnny Knoxville has replaced Seann William Scott in Skiptrace. The buddy action-comedy, set to be director Renny Harlin's return to doing something you might have heard of, will now star Knoxville in the role of fast-talking gambler opposite Jackie Chan's classic guy-who-is-not-the-fast-talking-one (as popularly seen in the Rush Hour and Shanghai series). Together, they're trying to save X-Men: Days Of Future Past's Fan Bingbing, Chan's niece and the film's sexy MacGuffin. The Chinese production reportedly just began shooting with the new stars, naturally following several days of back-and-forth, increasingly-competitive anecdotes about amusing ways they hurt themselves doing a stunt.

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