Judd Apatow Will Also Have a Netflix Series

September 16, 2014


Judd Apatow is making a new show, and already it's doing better than Apatow's quickly-canceled single-season favorites Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. Netflix has announced that they've given an early two-season, 22-episode commitment to Love, a series created by Apatow, Comedy Bang! Bang!'s Paul Rust, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Girls writer Lesley Arfin. As implied in its name, the series deals with love, promising to give "an unflinching, hilarious and excruciatingly honest take on modern relationships"--specifically, the modern relationship between Rust and Community's Gillian Jacobs, who will star in the half-hour comedy. The first ten-episode season will debut in 2016, with the next dozen episodes arriving the following year. Though by then, "modern relationships" will presumably mean "sex with caring robots."

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