NBC Begs We Take 'Problem Child' Series into Our Homes

September 16, 2014


Confidant that even the worst, least-wanted idea could be nurtured into something that could one day be accepted in a home, NBC has put into development a sitcom take on the 1990 comedy Problem Child. According to Deadline, frequent Todd Phillips frat-writer Scott Armstrong (Road Trip, Old School, Hangover, Part II) is adapting the film, maintaining the original premise of a couple that adopts a seven-year-old boy who "wreaks havoc in their lives and leaves a path of destruction anywhere he goes." The original starred John Ritter, Amy Yasbeck, Gilbert Gottfried, Jack Warden, and a proto-hipster Michael Richards. That was already followed by two quick sequels and a short-lived animated series that aired back in 1993-94. Thankfully, the idea of an abandoned, emotionally-abused child lashing out is evergreen in its hilarity.

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