Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Deal with a Real Crappy Winter in 'A Most Violent Year' Trailer

September 18, 2014


Oscar Isaac will soon be headed to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, but first he's just going back 34 years, in a New York City plagued by a big violent crime wave. That's the setting of A Most Violent Year, J.C. Chandor's tense follow-up to last year's All Is Lost. Jessica Chastain co-stars in the film and it's due at the end of the year. This first teaser doesn't reveal a lot of details about the plot, but it does look pretty sharp, and the cast is undoubtedly a solid one--Isaac's Drive co-star Albert Brooks is even credited. It'd be cooler if the violence was lightsabrer violence, though.

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