Real-Life Crying Elephant Story To Become Crying Elephant Movie

September 2, 2014


Raju, the elephant whose liberation after 50 years of captivity literally brought it to tears, could reportedly be doomed to return to his old life and cruel owners depending on how a court case goes later this week. But, hey, Raju, on the bright side, you're gonna get a movie! Manager-producer Larry Brezner and father-son producers Vijay and Prakash Armitroj have reportedly just acquired the rights and hope to develop a film based on the pachyderm's tale of being horribly abused and chained up, then not being chained up, then visibly weeping, because phew.

It's said that the story will focus on American Wildlife Foundation head Nikki Sharpe and Indian Wildlife SOS head Kartrick Satyanarayan, the two whose efforts led to an late night Independence Day liberation for Raju. Deadline notes that this could make for a "great role for an Indian actor and a female lead as this story is surely to be embraced internationally." But more importantly: could this finally be the role to get Andy Serkis an Oscar nod for pretending to be a sad animal?

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