Spike Jonze Shot This Impromptu Karen O Music Video with Elle Fanning

September 15, 2014


This Sunday, while many of us worked on our Netflix bedsore queue, Spike Jonze was working with Jonah Hill and Elle Fanning on a one-act play for Opening Ceremony's fashion week show. The task gave him rare access to New York's famed Metropolitan Opera House, so the director decided he might as well use it to also quickly shoot a video for friend and collaborator Karen O's new Crush Songs LP. As Jonze explained to Vice, "It just seemed like if you have the Opera House, that song, and Elle Fanning together, you shouldn't let the opportunity go by. So we made this as a surprise gift for Karen to congratulate her on her album."

The minute-and-a-half video was just shot "during a ten-minute break" while rehearsing and doing lighting for the larger production, so don't expect anything as elaborate as Jonze's prior music videos; the whole thing is just Fanning casually, dreamily dancing around the scarcely-lit stage. Sofia Coppola is going to be so pissed when she finds out Jonze kept her box of tricks in their separation.


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