'Suicide Squad' Movie Back in Development with Possibly David Ayer

September 19, 2014


With Guardians of the Galaxy easily becoming the biggest film of the year, Warner Bros. is suddenly kicking up development on their own group of comic book miscreants looking for redemption. THR reports that the studio is pushing forward with development on a Suicide Squad movie, and they've got End of Watch and Fury director David Ayer circling the project as a director--his gritty brand of action fitting in well with their mandate to never laugh.

For those unaware, Suicide Squad consists of various supervillains who avoid going to superjail by carrying out high-risk black ops tasks for the government. A film version has been in the works for several years now, but it hadn't shown any activity since Warner got on their current Justice League-focused track for things. We all kind of assumed they'd given up on Suicide. But here they are, talking about it again, so I guess we'll still have to take it seriously this time. You can't be too careful.

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