This Is How the Little Rascals Look 20 Years Later

September 3, 2014


22 Vision is a production company that, by their own description, found "a niche of celebrating films by reuniting cast members from our favorite movies." Previously, this meant getting the kids from Problem Child 2 back together on a washing machine, and now the dubious distinction of being named one of "our favorite movies" has been given to Penelope Spheeris's quickly forgotten Little Rascals adaptation. So, the entire Our Gang of 1994 got back together for a whole photo shoot that included this faithful recreation of the original poster, revealing how the cast changed, who became a pageant mom, and who maintained the smug prick look of their youth. Next time The Little Rascals shows up on television somewhere, no longer need you vaguely wonder if one of the kids is freakish looking or dead now. They're fine! The dog is certainly dead, though.


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