Tommy Wiseau's Weird Sitcom Thing Soon Coming to NYC

September 16, 2014


The Room's auteur Tommy Wiseau is finally releasing his sitcom, and the Dennys of New York City are being given their much lusted-after opportunity to watch. The Neighbors, Wiseau's long-gestating stab at deliberate comedy, will have its premiere screening alongside his infamous feature on September 26 and 27 at the Lower East Side's Sunshine Cinema. You can also have a look at the eclectic, weirdly chicken-filled poster for the event below, and if you're not familiar with what The Neighbors is, please just look back at this post. Like everything Wiseau does, it would be too difficult to try to explain again.


If you're up for things getting real weird, tickets can be purchased on the Landmark Theatres site.

Tommy Wiseau's new sitcom will screen in NYC soon, here's a look at the insane poster [AV Club]

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