'Vacation' Remake Adds Leslie Mann

September 15, 2014


Back in March, when Christina Applegate joined the Vacation remake in the role of "wife," I questioned how a comedy part so thinly described as a strong-willed wife could slip past Leslie Mann. Today, we get our answer with the news that it's because Applegate and Mann are apparently trading their expected roles this time. According to THR, Mann is in talks to join the reboot-cum-sequel as Audrey Griswold, the daughter played originally by Dana Barron (later by Dana Hill, Juliette Lewis, Marisol Nichols, and Dana Barron again for Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure, which is real). While Applegate toils away at the Mannish task of running a household burdened by its patriarch's hijinks (Ed Helms' aged Rusty, in this case), it's said Mann's Audrey will here handle the Applegate duties of falling for a cocky, ridiculously-named anchorman--Chris Hemsworth's Stone Crandall. It's like Paul Rudd instigated a wife swap between his two worlds.

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