'Wizard of Oz' Author's Life Will Be a Movie Now

September 19, 2014


In the tradition of Finding Neverland, or a small blurb below a black-and-white photo on the dust cover, we're about to find out about the life of another author. This time it's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz creator L. Frank Baum, whose life story is now in development over at New Line. According to THR, the studio has rushed to buy up a spec script from 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowship finalist Josh Golden called Road to Oz, which it's said "chronicles the early days of the whimsical author." Promisingly, Wikipedia's "early life" section on Baum offers this about what we may see on screen: "At 20 years, Baum took on the then national craze--the breeding of fancy poultry." They'd better not CGI that shit. Modern audiences demand real fancy poultry.

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