'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Teaser Is Here, Looks Massive

October 23, 2014


Not due to arrive until next week, the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is here early thanks to Marvel finally giving up with fighting the internet. The teaser leaked online yesterday evening, and rather than try fighting its inevitable spread, the studio immediately just gave in to it. "Dammit, Hydra," they tweeted, by which they meant "fuck it," as shortly after they posted their official version.

So here it is, and boy is it ever somber. Set to the increasingly common trailer soundtrack of a mournful choir of children, it sets up a trilogy second act that will be bigger and far, far graver than its predecessor. It's got exotic locales; massive set pieces; Iron Man in his "Hulkbuster" armor waging war with the Hulk; a sinister, metallic James Spader and his army of robots; and, as is required for any self-respecting Avengers film, so many cars getting flipped and destroyed. Also: ballet! This one will probably not end on a quiet shawarma dinner.

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