CBS Also Will Let You Pay To Stream Their Shows Now

October 16, 2014


Following HBO's just-revealed plan to finally let us just subscribe to their streaming service, CBS has announced plans to pretend that people want a similar thing from them as well. The network today launched CBS All Access, a service that, for just $5.99 a month, will let you pay for all those broadcast shows one normally gets for free. Perfect for when the nonstop syndicated airings of Two and a Half Men still just aren't enough. Episodes of new shows will become available only a day after their broadcast, while older seasons and older series like Star Trek, Cheers, and MacGyver will be immediately available in their entirety. Just six bucks and you can watch CSI spin-offs until your brain leaks Danson.

But while it's clearly not as exciting of an offering as a premium cable network making itself available sans cable, it's still a good and hopeful sign that a larger paradigm shift is on the way. Perhaps it won't be long until we can at last give up our cable subscriptions in exchange for a bunch of other, more specific subscriptions. We will probably all be about equally poor after paying for all those, but at least we will be free of cable's shackles and, perhaps, rich in another way. Rich with subscriptions.

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