Charlie Kaufman To Make Steve Carell Stupid Again

October 23, 2014


Old Dana Carvey Show cohorts Steve Carell and Charlie Kaufman are getting back together for a feature film that, by that description alone, should already sound like something you want to watch. Deadline reports that the two are teaming up for Paramount's adaptation of I.Q. 83, Arthur Herzog's 1978 science fiction novel.

The project has apparently been in development for nearly two decades as a serious sci-fi film, but the plan is now for Kaufman to fit this better in his wheelhouse by doing a page-one rewrite that re-interprets the material as a satire. Carell, likewise, will be playing to his strengths: as star of the film, he'll get to act increasingly like Brick. The plot involves a Carell-led group of scientists who accidentally unleash a virus that makes the infected masses, Carell and the President among them, progressively stupider. It sounds like pretty on-the-nose commentary for a subject that's already been heavily satirized by Idiocracy, but it's also hard to imagine Kaufman won't find somewhere interesting to take it. We should prepare to have our increasingly dim-witted minds blown.

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