Fincher and 'Gone Girl' Writer To Do Entire HBO Series Together

October 6, 2014


Having squeaked past a spooky story about a scary doll this weekend, David Fincher and Gone Girl author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn have the biggest movie in the country right now. It's the director's biggest opening ever, and the film is predicted to become the his highest-grossing film as well, so unsurprisingly, Fincher is going to run with this collaborating with Flynn thing.

From Buzzfeed comes word that Fincher has attached the writer to pen the entirety of his remake of Utopia--which is a remake of the British series, not Fox's crazy reality show. David Fincher is not remaking that quite yet. Already Fincher had revealed he was planning to direct all episodes of the HBO series, but now Flynn says she is putting off her fourth novel to instead write every episode as well. As she recounts, Fincher explained, "I don't want a big writers room, I want a voice." Only makes sense he'd want a viewpoint as consistent as his dingy lighting.

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