Greg Kinnear To Keep Doing Religious Films, Now with Renée Zellweger

October 28, 2014


Greg Kinnear (our new-model Kirk Cameron) and Renée Zellweger (our new-model Renée Zellweger) are teaming up to give us the Christian drama they failed to deliver on with Nurse Betty. The two will reportedly join Djimon Hounsou and Jon Voight in Same Kind of Different as Me, a religious film that, like Kinnear's Heaven is for Real, is based on purported nonfiction co-written by Lynn Vincent.

This tale will see Kinnear playing an upscale art dealer who, for some reason, must befriend a dangerous homeless man to save his marriage with Zellweger. Marriage is tough! Sometimes you have to befriend a violent drifter! Also, something about religion and reconciling with father Jon Voight. Perhaps dad can yet be saved from all these Baby Geniuses sequels he keeps making.

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