Hallelujer: There's a Madea Animated Movie, and Here's the Tyler Perry's Trailer

October 22, 2014


Though you'd never know it to watch his films, apparently Tyler Perry has been exhibiting some sort of restraint in how implausible and over-the-top exaggerated he's been making Madea. The evidence: he's amazingly found a way to make her even more cartoonish by actually making her a cartoon. In the apostrophe-filled Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love, Tyler Perry's version of himself in makeup makes her animated debut in a fairly boilerplate Madea tale of her getting in trouble with the law, then finally revealing a caring yet still sassy side. But since now she is animated, here she also skateboards (skateborts?) and can spin her purse around to fly like a helicopter (heller-copter?).

Despite such slightly more-outlandish-than-usual elements, Tyler Perry's brain has still found a way to work this into actual Madea canon; the film is only thrown into animation once our heroine pushes a magic button on her television remote. That's Tyler Perry for you--always ostensibly setting things in reality but also tossing some bat-shit crazy stuff in there.

Here's the trailer:

I'm so glad the helicopter purse isn't just a one-time throwaway gag. That will definitely be her special power in Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love: The Arcade Game.

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