Have a Disgusted Look at Larry the Cable Guy's 'Jingle All the Way' Sequel

October 31, 2014


Taking a cue from the woefully Rock-less Tooth Fairy 2, the Schwarzenegger-free Jingle All the Way 2 fills the noticeable void of muscle mass with affected redneck quirks and Prilosec. The spiritual sequel to the 1996 comedy casts a new lead in Larry the Cable Guy, who here, as he has for most of his adult life, plays a bumpkin named "Larry." Keeping with the general idea of the original, the premise involves "Larry" trying to get the year's hot, sold-out toy for his daughter--but the stakes have been raises, because his girl's new stepfather is also trying to win her heart through consumerism. These slapstick antics could, years later, determine who walks her down the aisle, and whether or not that person is wearing sleeves.

Here's the straight-to-video film's first teaser, in which you will see none of that plot but will see Larry the Cable Guy's trailer's Christmas light display--replete with the expected gag about having an unsafe number of plugs in a single outlet. Ha ha, Larry only understands wiring as it pertains to cable installation!

Who ever, ever thought Madea Christmas would one day be considered the "better" Larry the Cable Guy holiday film? It's a Christmas miracle!

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