'Labyrinth' Sequel Apparently in Development

October 10, 2014


Having discovered how to get us to read Billy Crystal news, Variety today revealed that The Jim Henson Co. is developing a Labyrinth sequel and is also doing something with Billy Crystal.

As for the Crystal thing, he'll reportedly write, produce, and provide a voice for an adaptation of Eva Ibbotson's 1979 book Which Witch. Brian Henson will produce and direct the film, in which Crystal will play a wizard who holds a contest among seven witches to determine the one he will make his witch bride. Finally, someone is cashing in on the country's communal fairy tale to one day magically marry Billy Crystal.

Much like it is here, news of the Labyrinth sequel was simply tossed in at the end of that story alongside already-known projects like the on-again-off-again Dark Crystal sequel and long-developing Fraggle Rock movie. There are no further details on the film. You probably could have just stopped after the first sentence and not read all that Billy Crystal stuff. Sorry.

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