Marvel Just Announced Their Massive Plan for Phase 3

October 28, 2014


At the El Capitan Theatre today, Marvel just announced their big plans to continue making a lot of money by way of superhero movies. But wait until you see what those superhero movies are! They're these:

May 6, 2016 - Captain America: Civil War

November 4, 2016 - Doctor Strange

May 5, 2017 - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
July 28, 2017 - Thor: Ragnarok
November 3, 2017 - Black Panther

May 4, 2018 - Avengers: Infinity War - Part I
July 6, 2018 - Captain Marvel
November 2, 2018 - The Inhumans

May 3, 2019 - Avengers: Infinity War - Part II

black-panther.jpgDespite formally announcing and dating the Doctor Strange film, Marvel made a point of not confirming Benedict Cumberbatch's heavily-rumored casting in the role, studio head Kevin Feige saying, "If it were confirmed, we would have announced it today." But who they did confirm was Get on Up and 42 star Chadwick Boseman in the title part of Black Panther.

Additionally, though the casting of the just-announced Captain Marvel will surely be drawn out across at least a dozen contradictory blog posts about "rumors" from "sources," what we do know is that the role is going to a female. The film will reportedly center on the Carol Danvers version of the character, thus finally giving us Marvel's first production led by a woman since the short-lived Murder, She-Hulk.

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