NBC Remaking 'IT Crowd' Again

October 17, 2014


Wanting to be sure they'd indeed tried turning it off and on again, NBC has restarted their development on a remake of the UK comedy series The IT Crowd.

The network's last, canceled attempt at doing this was in 2007, when they cast a pre-Community Joel McHale as Roy, Review's Jessica St. Clair as Jen, and Richard Ayoade back in his original role of Moss. That version never went past an extremely familiar but slightly, awkwardly off pilot (which you can watch below), but now NBC is ready to try again--still with Community involvement. According to Deadline, the latest iteration comes from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and Community writers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan. Whether they can manage to make this work remains to be seen, but look at it this way: either way we get to laugh at the perpetually-hilarious bumbling of some top-level management.

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