Netflix Bringing Back Richie Rich, Smugger Than Ever

October 29, 2014


Netflix has announced plans to reforge the bond between the 1% and kids you desperately want to smack with a Richie Rich series. The streaming service has announced that, coming in 2015, they'll be re-inventing the richest kid on Earth in a new, live-action, half-hour series that sees R. Rich make his fortune by "inventing and selling a cool new green technology" and "starts living the most awesome life ever." If you binge-watch this, you will literally kill yourself once you see how great this adolescent's life is compared to yours.

The announcement explains that the 21-episode series will follow star Jake Brennan on "his adventures, from exploring Antarctica, making a movie with his friends and meeting famous celebrities," while this image has revealed that Richie will have a child-sized car that's even cooler than the bed-car the rich kid from Silver Spoons had. Isn't that obnoxious?

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